Yes - Tormato (1978) (Remaster Edit 2004)

Yes - Tormato (1978) (Remaster Edit 2004)

This album was to be titled Tor, but the reason it was changed to Tormato, because Rick Wakeman did'nt really like the cover, so out of his frustration he threw a tomato at the cover, and the album cover was cleaned off, but stilled left the remains of the tomato, and that's how Tormato was titled. This album is great all the way through, even through the bonus tracks. "Some Are Born" which appear as one of the bonus tracks would be featured on Jon Anderson's 1980 solo album Song of Seven. "Everybody's Song" is actually an early demo of "Does It Really Happen" which would later be on Yes' 1980 album Drama, which meant later, that Trevor Horn who would in fact replace Jon Anderson on vocals for the album Drama, and keyboardists Geoffrey Downes who would be Steve Howe's bandmate in Asia, replaced Rick Wakeman. As for Jon Anderson, his departure from Yes was only temporary, because he would return in 1983 for the 90125 album, which Jon Anderson's replacement Trevor Horn who later became a successful producer on that album as well. Symphonic pops fans would indeed enjoy this album as well, because some of the songs have orchestral tracks as well like on songs "Onward" and "Madrigal" which was arranged and orchestrated by Andrew Pryce Jackman, and every Yes fan would indeed enjoy it too.

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01 Future Times/Rejoice 6:46
02 Don't Kill the Whale 3:58
03 Madrigal 2:27
04 Release, Release 5:48
05 Arriving UFO 6:08
06 Circus of Heaven 4:32
07 Onward 4:05
08 On the Silent Wings of Freedom 7:52
09 Abilene Bonus 4:02
10 Money Bonus 3:14
11 Picasso previously unreleased / Bonus 2:12
12 Some Are Born previously unreleased / Bonus 5:42
13 You Can Be Saved previously unreleased / Bonus 4:20
14 High previously unreleased / Bonus 4:30
15 Days previously unreleased / Bonus / Demo Version 1:00
16 Countryside previously unreleased / Bonus 3:11
17 Everybody's Song previously unreleased / Bonus 6:48
18 [Untitled Hidden Track] 3:06


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