The Troggs - Archeology (1966-1976) (Remaster Box Set 1992)

The Troggs - Archeology (1966-1976) (Remaster Box Set 1992)

The Troggs deserve to live on in the history of pop, because of their unique sound that makes them different. They were playing songs in styles people gave a name for years later.Here we are talking about punk and hardrock. The Troggs provided examples of songs that gave later groups inspiration and their direct driving beat and sexy style was copied throughout the years.
They made some nice ballads and The Troggs will make you happy with their 52 best songs collected here.The booklet is worth while to read. The photos are nice and Reg Presley is the important frontman of the group. He wrote a lot of songs and his performance gave an extra to the fame of this group.The Troggs combine simplicity with melody. Listen and you will discover that they are not only the group of Wild Thing. Many of the songs will stay in your head and you can play the cd's whenever you want to give yourself a great time.
...P. Rooij

The Troggs are very underrated, they are known for "Wild Thing" & "Love Is All Around", maybe "A Girl Like You" (A number 1 hit in the U.K.) All the Troggs songs are very sexual and have a distintive sound. The highlights being "Cousin Jane", "Feels Like A Woman", "Strange Movies", "I Can't Control Myself", "Give It To Me"...J. Meehan

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Genre : Rock, Garage rock. Proto punk


CD 1

01 Lost Girl (2:34)
02 The Yella In Me (2:42)
03 Wild Thing (2:38)
04 From Home (2:21)
05 With A Girl Like You (2:10)
06 Jingle Jangle (2:19)
07 I Want You (2:31)
08 Our Love Will Still Be There (3:12)
09 I Just Sing (2:12)
10 I Can't Control Myself (3:07)
11 Gonna Make You (2:51)
12 Any Way That You Want Me (2:59)
13 66-5-4-3-2-1 (2:37)
14 Give It To Me (2:17)
15 I Can Only Give You Everything (3:27)
16 You Can't Beat It (2:25)
17 Last Summer (2:58)
18 I Want You To Come In My Life (2:27)
19 Cousin Jane (2:28)
20 Night Of The Long Grass (3:10)
21 Girl In Black (2:04)
22 Too Much Of A Good Thing (2:50)
23 Seventeen (2:42)
24 Her Emotion (2:32)
25 My Lady (3:01)
26 All Of The Time (2:11)
27 Somewhere My Girl Is Waiting (2:50)

CD 2

01 Love Is All Around (3:01)
02 When Will The Rain Come (2:43)
03 Little Girl (2:59)
04 Maybe The Madam (2:14)
05 Surprise, Surprise (I Need You) (2:50)
06 You Can Cry If You Want To (2:53)
07 Hip Hip Hooray (2:19)
08 You Can Cry If You Want To (2:26)
09 Heads Or Tails (3:44)
10 Evil Woman (2:57)
11 That's What You Get Girl (2:02)
12 I Don't Know Why (2:53)
13 Easy Loving (3:01)
14 Lover (2:28)
15 Come Now (2:22)
16 The Raver (2:49)
17 Everything's Funny (2:14)
18 Feels Like A Woman (3:34)
19 Queen Of Sorrow (2:43)
20 Strange Movies (2:57)
21 I'm On Fire (2:15)
22 Good Vibrations (3:12)
23 Summertime (3:23)
24 I'll Buy You An Island (3:12)
25 Get You Tonight (2:48)


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