Arthur Brown - The Crazy World Of... (1968) (Remaster Edit 1998)

Arthur Brown - The Crazy World Of... (1968) (Remaster Edit 1998)

1998 reissue of the 1968 debut by the theatrical rock singer's band, featuring both mono and stereo versions of five tracks, including the #2 smash 'Fire'. 15 tracks

An Excellent album from the most unsung singer in musical history (If you'll excuse the pun). One of the best albums of the 60's especially from the progressive side of music. On the first side we have a conceptual rock record that is concerned with damnation, hell-fire and the soul. Then on side two their are more standard but still brilliant covers with some excellent psychedelia. Rather unusually for a record in my collection this album features very little guitar instead the lead instrument is Vincent Crane's (later of Atomic Rooster) excellent organ. The vocals here are of course some of the best ever as Arthur sings with a range and emotion that few can match. So if your interested in great music from the 60's give this a try.


Arthur Brown - Vocals
Vincent Crane - Keyboards
Drachen Theaker - Drums

320 kB/s
133 @
Genre : Psychedelic rock, Rock and roll, Shock rock


01 Prelude - Nightmare 3:28
02 Fanfare - Fire Poem 1:51
03 Fire 2:54
04 Come and Buy 5:40
05 Time / Confusion 5:11
06 I Put a Spell on you 3:41
07 Spontaneous Apple Creation 2:54
08 Rest Cure 2:44
09 I've Got Money 3:09
10 Child of My Kingdom 7:01
11 Prelude - Nightmare [Mono Version] 3:49
12 Fanfare - Fire Poem [Mono Version] 2:01
13 Fire [Mono Version] 3:01
14 Come and Buy [Mono Version] 5:05
15 Time / Confusion [Mono Version] 4:57

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