Foreigner - Double Vision (1978) (Remaster Edit 2007)

Foreigner - Double Vision (1978) (Remaster Edit 2007)

Expanded & remastered reissue of their 1978 release. Features two live bonus tracks, 'Hot Blooded' & 'Love Maker'. ”

Foreigner promptly followed up their blockbuster debut with the equally successful Double Vision LP in 1978, which featured the FM mega-hits "Hot Blooded" and the driving title track. Opting not to mess with a good formula, the band wisely stuck to the polished hard rock sound that made their first record such a hit. Aside from the big singles, other highlights include the swaggering "Love Has Taken Its Toll" and the more restrained "Blue Morning, Blue Day." As always, Lou Gramm's impeccable rock vocals lead the way, supported by Mick Jones' tasteful, arena-sized guitar riffs. [The 2007 reissue featured remastered sound and added live versions of "Hot Blooded" and "Love Maker."]...A. Hinds

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Lou Gramm (vocals)
Ian McDonald (guitar, reeds, keyboards)
Mick Jones (guitar, piano)
Al Greenwood (keyboards, synthesizer)
Ed Gagliardi (bass)
Dennis Elliott (drums)


01 Hot Blooded 4:28
02 Blue Morning, Blue Day 3:12
03 You're All I Am 3:24
04 Back Where You Belong 3:15
05 Love Has Taken Its Toll 3:31
06 Double Vision 3:44
07 Tramontane Instrumental 3:56
08 I Have Waited So Long 4:07
09 Lonely Children 3:37
10 Spellbinder 4:55
11 Hot Blooded (Live / Bonus) 6:57
12 Love Maker (Live / Bonus) 6:48


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