Electric Light Orchestra - A New World Record (1976)(Remaster Edit 2006)

Electric Light Orchestra - A New World Record (1976)(Remaster Edit 2006)

This brilliant newly re-mastered edition of "A New World Record" makes a strong case for it being simply the best art-pop album of the 1970s--or maybe ever. Featuring a dynamic, fresh, big sound and updated graphics with many rare band photos and artifacts. Written and recorded in record time after the US tour for "Face the Music" "A New World Record" cemented ELO's reputation as making great records. Recorded in Germany (again)the album featured 8 Lynne originals and a remake "Do Ya" his tune from his days in The Move (which also became a hit single). This reissue sounds terrific (particularly when compared to the original CD release). There's sharper detail throughout the CD.
The bonus tracks are a great addition. The best bonus track is the rocking "Surrender" which should have been on the album (although it's lack of orchestral overdubs would have made it stand out a bit). It's a terrific slice of rock that wouldn't have sounded out of place on The Move's last album. We also get rough instrumental mixes of "Tightrope", "Above the Clouds", "So Fine" and "Telephone Line". Additionally we get an alternate version of "Telephone Line" (which became the band's biggest single to date world wide with a UK Gold record the result)with a different vocal take (and without the filter effect at the beginning where it sounds Lynne is singing over the phone). The keyboards are a bit more prominent here as are the backing vocals while the orchestration is a bit further back in the mix (Bevan's drums also sound a bit distorted and fuller here).
We get liner notes on the making of the album how it charted and Lynne briefly commenting on the various songs on the album. This is a terrific reissue that fans have been waiting for. The only thing missing is a replica of the original embossed sleeve (they could have done that to the cover artwork)...W. Klein

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01 Tightrope 5:06
02 Telephone Line 4:40
03 Rockaria! 3:12
04 Mission (A World Record) 4:25
05 So Fine 3:55
06 Livin' Thing 3:32
07 Above the Clouds 2:17
08 Do Ya 3:45
09 Shangri-La 5:40
10 Telephone Line previously unreleased / Bonus/ Different Vocal 4:41
11 Surrender previously unreleased / Bonus 2:37
12 Tightrope previously unreleased / Bonus/ Instrumental Early Rough Mix 4:55
13 Above the Clouds previously unreleased / Bonus/ Instrumental Rough Mix / Mix 1:14
14 So Fine previously unreleased / Bonus/ Instrumental Early Rough Mix 4:16
15 Telephone Line previously unreleased / Bonus Instrumental 4:51


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