Procol Harum - Broken Barricades (1971) (12-track Remaster)

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the British band's 1971 album including bonus tracks. Stylish packaging includes a 20-page booklet, rare photos and memorabilia plus extensive sleevenotes by Procol expert and respected author Patrick Humphries with contributions from band members. 12 tracks. Salvo. 2009.

Despite the departure of organist Matthew Fisher, Procol Harum survived, and this album is ample proof. Fisher was one of the prime architects of the Harum sound, and his work on such classics as "Shine on Brightly" and, of course, "Whiter Shade of Pale" underline that. Procol continued as a four-piece, and it was indeed a good thing that they decided not to replace Fisher. The sound of the band on this album is a bit sparser, but definitely not without dimension and dynamics. "Simple Sister," one of the finest Gary Brooker/Keith Reid compositions, is truly glorious, with Robin Trower's frightening lead guitar work juxtaposed nicely against a wonderful string arrangement. Several other tracks are first rate, including "Power Failure" and "Playmate of the Mouth." Along with Little Feat, Procol Harum was a great survivor among rock bands that have lost a key member. The proof is in these grooves. Matthew Greenwald

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01. Simple Sister 5:52
02. Broken Barricades 3:12
03. Memorial Drive 3:48
04. Luskus Delph 3:52
05. Power Failure 4:33
06. Song For A Dreamer 5:41
07. Playmate Of The Mouth 5:05
08. Poor Mohammed 3:16
09. Broken Barricades (Long Fade, Raw Track) 3:58
10. Simple Sister (Raw Track) 5:50
11. Poor Mohammed (Backing Track) 2:45
12. Song For A Dreamer (Backing Track) 5:26

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Steve said...

Thanks so much for all of the Procol 40th Anniversary Editions, they sound great. Are you planning to post the 40th 'Shine On Brightly' as well? The extra tracks on that one look very enticing...

Love your blog-

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for all the great music. I have a problem figuring out the password??? The only thing I see is '2000mustangs' but that doesn't seem to work. Thanks again.