Stoneground - The Last Dance (Live 1973) (2001)

Stoneground's last show ever, recorded at Sacramento's Memorial Auditorium in January 1973. Awesome sounding mono soundboard recording, what a party that must have been!
Ok, so you were not around in those days when music was a sort of religious experience for us. If you missed the days of the Dead and The Airplane and QuickSilver then please buy this and listen to the party that was going on in these times. At one time they had 4 female singer on stage belting out some great blues and rock that has never been done again, the guitar work is fluid and just what was needed to dance to at that time along with lots of percussion. Sal Valentino was a master in the Beau Brummels and on this album shows what long time experience does to make a great party band. Little Feat and many other bands got thier kicks from this band and you will hear the reasom why so many bands took what they could from this group. The recording is very good and well worth your money, so pull out your old bongs and get to listening...G. Anthony

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01. Alligator Man 3:41
02. Love's Made A Fool Of You 4:30
03. You Better Come Through 3:41
04. Ajax 3:32
05. Passion Flower 4:04
06. Medley: Black Sheep Boy/Don't Make Promises 14:08
07. Bad News 4:22
08. Super Clown 5:28
09. Dancin' 4:44
10. Feel So Bad 6:55
11. Butterfly 3:43
12. Total Destruction To Your Mind 7:46
13. Queen Sweet Dreams 5:56


JJBBP said...

I was at that concert and indeed it was one of the best "Total Destuction to your Mind" concerts of my great concert-going career! It changed me, left a hole in me that no band could ever re-fill.The Dead, Little Feat, and others came close; some parts picked up by Pablo Cruise too. Crank it up man, and get out of your chair!

Anonymous said...

I was there it was probably my fourth concert ever after Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention then Black Sabbath I cannot remember the third show anyway Stoneground brought it and were absolutely amazing one of the best shows I've ever seen