It's a Beautiful Day - Marrying Maiden (1970) (1994)

After their wonderful debut from 1969, Linda LaFlamme left replaced by Fred Webb. Here, the songs tend to be softer and shorter than on their debut, and also more eclectic. You won't find any rockers here like "Wasted Union Blues". There's a few stinkers on this album as well, like "The Dolphins", but some great songs like "Essence of Now", "Soapstone Mountain", and "Good Lovin'". The atmospheric "Let a Woman Flow" features some of the most ridiculous lyrics I have ever heard ("I let a woman flow to her own natural rhythm") and you know what's silly was they weren't trying to make the song funny. Still, aside from the lyrics, it's actually quite a pleasant song. "Don and Dewey" is in honor of the R&B duo by the same name (Don "Sugarcane" Harris was the violinist in that duo having played with the likes of Little Richard and Frank Zappa). Dutch prog rock band Alquin happened to do a lengthy cover of that song off their 1973 album The Mountain Queen. Two songs features Jerry Garcia on pedal steel, "Hoedown" and "It Comes Right Down To You", which have, not surprisingly a country-ish flavor, especially since the Dead did release two country-ish albums at the same time, Workingman's Dead and American Beauty. It's strange that Marrying Maiden should be It's a Beautiful Day's best selling album even though it's not as good as their first. The music does have a rather dated sound, and the lyrics, just like their first, is still hippie fluff. I do like the back cover which features the band in what looks like a hippie's house. But be careful, just like the reissue of their first album, don't buy this album on the San Francisco Sound label because the money will go in the greedy hands of Matthew Katz and none of the band members will receive royalties for this...A. Cyrieview

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90 MB
Genre : Rock, Folk, Psychedelic Ccountry


*Pattie Santos - percussion, vocals
*Val Fuentes - drums, vocals
*Fred Webb - french horn, keyboards, vocals
*David LaFlamme - flute, violin, guitar, vocals
*Mitchell Holman - bass, harmonica, vocals
*Hal Wagenet - guitar, vocals
*Richard Olsen - clarinet (guest)
*Jerry Garcia - banjo (Hoedown), pedal steel (guest)


01 Don and Dewey 5:16
02 The Dolphins 4:30
03 Essence of Now 3:20
04 Hoedown 2:29
05 Soapstone Mountain 4:20
06 Waiting for the Song 1:03
07 Let a Woman Flow 4:04
08 t Comes Right Down to You 3:14
09 Good Lovin' 3:59
10 Galileo 3:02
11 Do You Remember the Sun? 3:14


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Anonymous said...

I have this album on mint condition vinyl, but...the side two is a Bob Dylan label "Blonde on Blonde"...where would I need to go to find additional information on the mislabel?