Prefab Sprout - Let's Change the World With Music

Let's Change the World with Music sees the first Prefab Sprout album in 8 years and contains eleven unique tracks. This album should have been the follow up to 1990's Jordan The Comeback but finally sees the light of day in 2009.

Prefab Sprout were formed in 1978 as a four-piece band based in Co. Durham and went on to be arguably one of the most beloved British pop bands of the 80s and 90s. Their biggest top ten album, From Langley Park To Memphis featured Pete Townsend and Stevie Wonder and included their biggest hit, "The King of Rock n Roll". They followed this album with Jordan, The Comeback which was hugely acclaimed and Brit-nominated. After various line up changes, the rest of the band released one album in 2001 and Paddy released a solo album, Trawl The Megahertz in 2003. Singer-songwriter Paddy McAloon is regularly hailed one of the greatest songwriters of his era. Let's Change the World with Music sees the first Prefab Sprout album in 8 years and contains twelve unique tracks.

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Genre : Altern. Rock


01. Let there be music 3:44
02. Ride 4:04
03. I love music 4:49
04. God watch over you 4:33
05. Music is a princess 3:31
06. Earth: The story so far 5:01
07. Last of the great romantics 4:39
08. Falling in love 3:10
09. Sweet gospel music 4:23
10. Meet the new Mozart 4:13
11. Angel of love 4:23


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12 unique tracks? There are only 11.

That line came from the record company's press release in August lol

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