Nazareth - The Anthology (2CD Remaster)

Deluxe 2009 two CD set from the British Hard Rockers includes 28-page booklet, a fine array of photos and memorabilia and informative sleeve notes by Classic Rock's Dave Ling. One of Britain's hardest working bands, Nazareth are road warriors par excellence. For nigh on four decades they have performed in front of fervent audiences across the globe. 38 tracks. Salvo.

O.K. I Know there are a few Nazareth compilations available,the main difference with this one is it not only contains all the major singles,but it also includes some album tracks which otherwise may of been missed by anyone wanting an introduction to one of the greatest bands ever to walk this earth.One of the great bonus's of this cd are the album tracks featured are included in their uncut versions where as tracks like "Telegram" has appeared before but in edited versions.The real bonus is the inclusion of the awesome "No Mean City" in its complete version. The only minor gripe with the cd ismore… the fact the running order, all the well known tracks ie singles are on cd 1,why not mix the track listing up so some of the better known tracks are mixed in with the later material on cd 2.But don't let that put you off buy the cd and turn the volume up to full and listen to a truly brilliant band at the peak of their power...D. Jellinc

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Dan McCafferty - Vocals
Jimmy Murrison - Guitar
Pete Agnew - Bass
Lee Agnew - Drums


CD 1

01. Razamanaz 03:50
02. Bad Bad Boy 03:57
03. Broken Down Angel 03:44
04. Woke Up This Morning 03:53
05. Go Down Fighting 03:06
06. Turn on Your Receiver 03:19
07. Teenage Nervous Breakdown 03:43
08. This Flight Tonight 03:24
09. Sunshine 04:15
10. Shanghai'd in Shanghai 03:44
11. Hair of the Dog 04:12
12. Love Hurts 03:52
13. My White Bicycle 03:26
14. Holy Roller 03:25
15. Telegram 07:49
16. Expect No Mercy 03:27
17. Gone Dead Train 03:44
18. Place in Your Heart 03:02
19. No Mean City 06:31

CD 2

01. Just to Get into It 04:22
02. May the Sunshine 04:55
03. Whatever You Want Babe 03:42
04. Holiday 03:38
05. Heart's Grown Cold 04:14
06. Moonlight Eyes 03:3
07. Cocaine Live 04:38
08. Little Part of You 03:31
09. Dream On 03:27
10. Where Are You Now 03:56
11. Ruby Tuesday 03:28
12. This Month's Messiah 05:18
13. Piece of My Heart 04:26
14. Winner on the Night 04:11
15. Every Time It Rains 04:12
16. Thinkin' Man's Nightmare 04:02
17. Steamroller 04:30
18. When the Lights Come Down 03:30
19. Goin' Loco9 05:25


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