Cheap Trick - Dream Police (1979)(Remaster 2006)

Cheap Trick - Dream Police (1979)(Remaster 2006)

Exclusive Japanese limited edition digitally remastered reissue of this 1979 album, packaged in a miniature LP sleeve featuring .four bonus tracks: 'The House Is Rockin'' (Live), 'Way Of The World' (Live), 'Dream Police' (Alternate Mix) and 'I Know What I Want'. CBS 2006.

Dream Police shows the band expanding into longer, more complex songs and incorporating orchestration on several tracks. Sessions for Dream Police were completed before the recording of their previous release, the live album At Budokan. Epic Records held off on releasing Dream Police to capitalize on At Budokan's unexpected success. "Need Your Love" was actually introduced to the public as a track on At Budokan. "I Know What I Want" is sung by bassist Tom Petersson, and is the only Cheap Trick studio track to feature someone other than Robin Zander on lead vocals. The group originally planned to have Petersson sing "Voices", but it was later recut with a slower tempo and Zander on vocals... An expanded edition of Dream Police was released in 2006 with four bonus tracks.

At Budokan unexpectedly made Cheap Trick stars, largely because "I Want You to Want Me" had a tougher sound than its original studio incarnation. Perversely -- and most things Cheap Trick have done are somehow perverse -- the band decided not to continue with the direct, stripped-down sound of At Budokan, which would have been a return to their debut. Instead, the group went for their biggest, most elaborate production to date, taking the synthesized flourishes of Heaven Tonight to extremes. While it kept the group in the charts, it lessened the impact of the music. Underneath the gloss, there are a number of songs that rank among Cheap Trick's finest, particularly the paranoid title track, the epic rocker "Gonna Raise Hell", the tough "I Know What I Want", the simple pop of "Voices", and the closer, "Need Your Love". Still, Dream Police feels like a letdown in comparison to its predecessors, even though it would later feel like one of the group's last high-water marks...S. Erlewine

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Robin Zander - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Rick Nielsen - lead guitars, mandocello, vocals
Tom Petersson - bass, 8 & 12 string bass, lead vocals on "8"
Bun E. Carlos - drums


01 Dream Police 3:54
02 Way of the World 3:38
03 The House Is Rockin' (With Domestic Problems) 5:11
04 Gonna Raise Hell 9:20
05 I'll Be with You Tonight 3:51
06 Voices 4:22
07 Writing on the Wall 3:27
08 I Know What I Want 4:30
09 Need Your Love 7:40
10 The Hosue Is Rockin' / Live / prev. unreleased / Bonus 6:16
11 Way of the World Live / prev. unreleased / Bonus 4:00
12 Dream Police prev.unreleased / Bonus / No Strings Version 3:53
13 I Know What I Want Live / Bonus 4:44


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Same goes for the Rolling Stones "Out Of Our Heads" and December's Children Rar file sets.

- Michael

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Thanks for posting this. I personally prefer less synth with my Cheap Trick, but good songwriting makes up for a lot.

If you haven't heard it, you should check out the Albini In Color Sessions. Sometime in the 90s they had some extra studio time and decided to re-record the entire album to sound the way they meant it to sound all along. It was never completely "finished," but exists on the internet in bootleg demo form.
I like it more as a companion piece than a complete replacement, the same way that live albums are companion pieces.

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