Uriah Heep - Very 'Eavy...Very 'Umble (1970) (Remaster Edit 2003)

Uriah Heep - Very 'Eavy...Very 'Umble (1970) (Remaster Edit 2003)

2003 remastered reissue of 1970 album with deluxe packaging includes an expansive booklet with rare memorabilia & photo's, plus eight bonus tracks, 'Bird Of Prey' (US album version), 'Born In A Trunk' (previously unreleased vocal version), 'Come Away Melinda' (previously unreleased version), 'Gypsy' (previously unreleased extended version), 'Wake Up (Set Your Sights)' (previously unreleased version), 'Born In A Trunk' (previously unreleased instrumental version), 'Dreammare' (BBC session) & 'Gypsy' (BBC session).

I love the early Uriah Heep material as much as the next mid-Boomer, but "Salisbury" and "Very 'eavy, Very 'umble" would be an extremely redundant combination to purchase. If one is not familiar with U. Heep, better to pair either of these early recordings with a "Best of U. Heep" or one featuring the current U. Heep lineup of musicians.
The album art for "Very 'eavy, Very 'umble" was actually used on the U.S. release of "Salisbury" (or I have my vinyl LPs in the wrong sleeves, but I think not). The cobweb face guy was also projected onto the drum kit's double bass drum heads for an interesting lighting effect.
Unless one is an extreme U. Heep fan, either of these early albums would be a great investment; either, but not both together...m. Osterbuhr


David Byron Lead Vocals
Ken Hensley Organ, Slide Guitar, Mellotron, Piano, Vocals
Mick Box Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Paul Newton Bass, Vocals
Ollie Olsson Drums (Dreammare & Lucy Blues)

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183 MB


01. Gypsy 6.38
02. Walking In Your Shadow 44.30
03. Come Away Melinda 3.49
04. Lucy Blues 5.10
05. Dreammare 4.40
06. Real Turned On 3.39
07. I'll Keep On Trying 5.27
08. Wake Up (Set Your Sights) 6.28
09. Bird Of Prey (US Album version) 4.08
10. Born In A Trunk (prev. unreleased vocal version) 4.32
11. Come Away Melinda (prev. unreleased version) 4.16
12. Gypsy (prev. unreleased extended version) 7.07
13. Wake Up (Set Your Sights) (prev. unreleased version) 6.31
14. Born In A Trunk (prev. unreleased instrumental version) 4.35
15. Dreammare (BBC session) 3.08
16. Gypsy (BBC session) 5.14

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Royboy said...

Thanks for this album - it was a great album for a 17 year old in 1970 to play to rattle the heads of the oldies in my family who liked Frank Sinatra and Deano Martin. Ah the sweet memories of youth.