Bachman-Turner Overdrive - The Collection (2001)

Bachman-Turner Overdrive - The Collection (2001)

The British import The Collection offers original versions of most of BTO's definitive songs, including "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet," "Roll on Down the Highway," and, of course, "Takin' Care of Business." Though it's not quite as deep a collection as Anthology, this 17-song strong compilation offers plenty for Bachman Turner Overdrive's longtime fans and newcomers...H. Phares

Formed by guitarist/singer Randy Bachman, a former member of The Guess Who, and augmented by his brothers Robbie (drums) and Tim (guitar), and bassist C F 'Fred' Turner, BTO took their name from truckers' magazine Overdrive and laid out their boozy, bluesy stall over the course of two self-titled albums in 1973 and '74.
The first flopped, but the second was massively successful in the USA, as the Overdrive followed in the footsteps of fellow
Canadians The Band and successfully sold American music back to their nearest neighbours. They soldiered on through line-up changes, a split and a bizarre reformation in the '80s when two groups claiming BTO lineage were on the go simultaneously, but their best work was always going to be behind them.
This compilation collates 17 tracks from the '73 - '75 heyday, with the obvious singles shored up by some fine boogie rock essays, including the preposterously titled but nevertheless quite grand 'Rock Is My Life And This Is My Song'. And while you may have to be part of Overdrive magazine's target demographic to fully appreciate cuts like 'Roll On Down The Highway', 'Four Wheel Drive' or 'Shotgun Rider', you can still have plenty of fun pretending that's who you are. They let us rock - and we salute them. Marvellous.

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01 You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet 3:54
02 Roll on Down the Highway 3:58
03 Flat Broke Love 3:48
04 Blue Collar 6:10
05 Takin' Care of Business 4:51
06 Gimme Your Money Please 4:41
07 Welcome Home 5:31
08 Not Fragile 4:06
09 Rock Is My Life and This Is My Song 4:39
10 Four Wheel Drive 4:21
11 Don't Let the Blues Get You Down 4:13
12 Lookin' out for #1 5:20
13 Shotgun Rider 5:21
14 I'm in Love 3:51
15 Sledgehammer 4:34
16 Find Out About Love 4:43
17 Hold Back the Water 5:06

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