Pretenders - Pretenders II (1981) (2CD Remaster Edit 2006)

Pretenders - Pretenders II (1981) (2CD Remaster Edit 2006)

Rhino released a re-mastered edition of Pretenders II in 2006, including with it a second disc of live tracks and outtakes. On disc two, tracks 1-3, 5-6, 8-13, and 15 originally appeared as a Warner Bros. promotional live album, Pretenders Live at the Santa Monica Civic, from 1982. Tracks 4 and 14 appeared as b-sides to the single release of "I Go to Sleep." Tracks 14 and 16-18 are previously unreleased.

The Pretenders' second album received a much-deserved upgrade in the fall of 2006, as Rhino reissued it as a double-disc set containing a remastered version of the original album on the first disc and a wealth of rarities on the second. If this bonus disc pales in comparison to the bonus disc on the reissue of The Pretenders, it's because it packs few revelations or unexpected rarities among its 18 tracks. Which isn't to say that there's a lot of familiar recordings here: all but two of the tracks are previously unreleased, but all but three are live tracks. Since the original lineup of the Pretenders was one of the great rock & roll bands of its time, these live tracks are all very good, bordering on excellent, but it's not quite the same as hearing rough demos and unheard songs, which is what makes the bonus disc on The Pretenders so good. That said, the live cuts here are all excellent, the demo of "Talk of the Town" is fine, and the alternate guitar version of "I Go to Sleep" is worth having, so this will hardly be a disappointment to those who love the album. In fact, since this lineup of the Pretenders didn't leave much of a recorded legacy behind, it's easy to argue that this is closer to being essential than being a curiosity for those who love this band...S. T. Erlewine

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Chrissie Hynde – lead vocals and rhythm guitar
Pete Farndon – bass and backing vocals
Martin Chambers – drums and backing vocals
James Honeyman-Scott – lead guitars, keyboards and backing vocals


CD 1 - Original Album

01 The Adultress 3:58
02 Bad Boys Get Spanked 4:07
03 Message of Love 3:30
04 I Go to Sleep 2:56
05 Birds of Paradise 4:15
06 Talk of the Town 2:46
07 Pack It Up 3:51
08 Waste Not Want Not 3:45
09 Day After Day 3:47
10 Jealous Dogs 5:37
11 The English Roses 4:28
12 Louie Louie 3:29

CD 2 - Bonus CD

01 The Wait Live / previously unreleased 3:23
02 The Adultress Live / previously unreleased 4:07
03 Message of Love Live / previously unreleased 3:28
04 Louie Louie Live 3:50
05 Talk of the Town Live / previously unreleased 3:27
06 Birds of Paradise Live / previously unreleased 4:27
07 The English Roses Live 4:51
08 Up the Neck Live / previously unreleased 6:16
09 Bad Boys Get Spanked Live / previously unreleased 3:19
10 Stop Your Sobbing Live / previously unreleased 3:46
11 Private Life Live / previously unreleased 7:04
12 Kid Live / previously unreleased 3:48
13 Day After Day Live / previously unreleased 4:41
14 Brass in the Pocket Live / previously unreleased 3:28
15 Higher and Higher Live / previously unreleased 4:24
16 Talk of the Town previously unreleased / Demo Version 2:49
17 I Go to Sleep previously unreleased / Guitar Version - Outtake 2:59
18 Pack It Up previously unreleased / Radio Mix - Outtake 3:50


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Punk attitude + classic rock skills. And anyone who thinks Chrissie Hynde isn't a punk hasn't seen her live (she rules). Thanks for this excellent album.

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