Arthur Brown - Fire-The Story Of Arthur Brown (2003)

Arthur Brown - Fire-The Story Of Arthur Brown (2003)

This 2003 compilation marks the 35th anniversary of his #1 psychedelic hit 'Fire' (included here twice, Stereo Version & Die Krupps Remix). The first ever anthology of tracks from throughout his illustrious career. Includes rare 1965 flexi & previously unavailable 60s soundtrack material. Includes fold-out sleeve with extensive liner notes, many photos & other memorabilia. 36 tracks with a slipcase. Castle.

Weighing in at two discs and 36 tracks, Castle's 2003 retrospective Fire! The Story of Arthur Brown is not only the most thorough Arthur Brown compilation to date, it's the only one. Even if there were others on the market, this would still be among the best because it covers his entire career, from 1965 to 1985, giving a complete picture of one of the weirdest eccentrics in rock & roll. That eccentricity means that his body of work can be a little inconsistent, both in his '60s prime and his later years, but he's often interesting even when the music isn't as strong as it was during the heyday of the Crazy World of Arthur Brown; other '60s vets also dabbled in synths in the '80s, but his experiments are as odd as his fiery psychedelia. It's true that those who love "Fire" and want more of that sound should stick with his debut album -- it will give you more of what you're looking for -- but if you ever wandered what that freak did after "Fire," this is the place to find out...S. T. Erlewine

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Genre: Psychedelic rock, Rock and roll, Shock rock


CD 1

01 Prelude: Nightmare 3:52
02 You Don't Know 3:33
03 Don't Tell Me 2:29
04 Baby You Know What You're Doing 1:55
05 The Green Ball 3:22
06 Devil's Grip 3:20
07 Give Him a Flower 3:01
08 Rest Cure 2:46
09 Fanfare - Fire Poem Mono Version 2:02
10 Fire! Stereo Version 2:53
11 I Put a Spell on You 3:43
12 Child of My Kingdom 7:00
13 The Lord Doesn't Want You 3:00
14 Eternal Messenger 3:49
15 Night of the Pigs 1:04
16 Sunrise 6:49
17 Creep/Creation 4:06
18 Love Is (The Spirit That Will Never Die) 4:20
19 Time Captives Alternate Take 7:46
20 Spirit of Joy 3:15

CD 2

01 Gypsy 9:11
02 The Lord Will Find a Way 4:15
03 Eyesight to the Blind 5:54
04 The Gremlin (The Song Of) 3:22
05 Universal Zoo 2:43
06 The Lord Is My Saviour 3:40
07 Tight Rope 3:54
08 Speaknotech 5:15
09 The Fire-Ant Said to the Cockroach 5:29
10 Lord of the Dance 3:11
11 Hound Dog 2:16
12 Let a Little Sunshine (Into Your Life) 4:11
13 Heartaches 5:13
14 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall 5:30
15 Silver Machine 5:16
16 Fire! (Die Krupps Remix) 3:13


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