Electric Light Orchestra - Time (1981) (Remaster Edit 2001)

Electric Light Orchestra - Time (1981) (Remaster Edit 2001)

Time was the last truly great album from the Electric Light Orchestra, released as their world-conquering fame was starting to ebb. A concept album (in itself a brave undertaking by 1981), Time is set at the end of the 21st century and is populated by a host of space-age themes and characters. What's most remarkable about the album is how all this science fiction silliness is salvaged by the overall exuberance of the playing. "Yours Truly, 2095" uses a number of ELO hallmarks--a catchy synth riff, sweeping strings and over-the-top-production--to tell it's tale, of a man in love with a robot, andmore… become the album's highlight (and what should have been a hit single). Other tracks such as the epic "Twilight" and "Hold On Tight"--which practically bounces along like an overexcited puppy--also stand amongst ELO's finest works. Moreover, critical darlings Grandaddy have frequently stated the album's influence on the recording of their excellent The Sophtware Slump, proof that this futuristic concept album was itself years ahead of its time...R. Hoffnung

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01. Prologue 1.16
02. Twilight 3.42
03. Your's Truly, 2095 3.12
04. Ticket To The Moon 4.07
05. The Way Life's Meant To Be 4.39
06. Another Heart Breaks 3.49
07. Rain Is Falling 3.56
08. From The End Of The World 3.17
09. The Lights Go Down 3.33
10. Here Is The News 3.50
11. 21st Century Man 4.03
12. Hold On Tight 3.06
13. Epilogue 1.36
14. The Bouncer (Bonus Track) 3.15
15. When Time Stood Still (Bonus) 3.33
16. Julie Don't Live Here (Bonus) 3.42


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