UFO - No Heavy Petting (1976) (Remaster Edit 2008)

UFO - No Heavy Petting (1976) (Remaster Edit 2008)

Following the breakout success of Phenomenon and Force It, UFO had finally ascended to the first division of British hard rock. And after hiring a second guitarist and keyboard player in Danny Peyronnel, Schenker and Mogg led the group back into the studio to record their fifth album, No Heavy Petting. A noticeably cautious effort, Petting stuck so close to the rules laid down by Force It that all the excitement of the band's performance wound up slipping through the cracks. Gutsy opener "Natural Thing" was competent enough to become a concert regular, but lukewarm material like "Can You Roll Her" and "Reasons Love" simply added nothing new. And bass player Pete Way didn't help things any with his only contribution, the plodding, amazingly dull "On With the Action." Even the album's best moment, the beautifully executed "I'm a Loser" (which unleashes Schenker for one of his most jaw-dropping solos ever), mimics Force It's "Out in the Street" before closing with a piano pattern straight out of progressive rockers Kansas' "No One Together." The overly dramatic "Belladonna" (complete with synthesizer-simulated harpsichord), on the other hand, is mostly a casualty of time; the kind of ballad that was effective enough in its time, but simply hasn't aged well. Thankfully, UFO would rebound in spades the following year, delivering their best all-around studio effort, Lights Out. [The 2008 edition included bonus tracks.]...E. Rivadavia

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Phil Mogg - vocals
Andy Parker - drums
Danny Peyronel - keyboards
Michael Schenker - guitar
Pete Way - bass


01 Natural Thing 4:00
02 I'm a Loser 3:55
03 Can You Roll Her 2:58
04 Belladonna 4:32
05 Reasons Love 3:17
06 Highway Lady 3:49
07 On with the Action 5:03
08 A Fool in Love 2:50
09 Martian Landscape 5:11
10 All or Nothing previously unreleased / Bonus 3:30
11 French Kisses previously unreleased / Bonus 3:07
12 Have You Seen Me Lately Joan previously unreleased / Bonus 4:00
13 Do It If You Can previously unreleased / Bonus 3:17
14 All the Strings previously unreleased / Bonus 5:58


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thanks for all your ufo related activity, just one note, while lights out was by far their best studio effort to date when it came out, there is absolutely no doubt that obsession is by far their best studio album, if not outright the best studio rock album ever made. doubts? just play song 04 ain't no baby on good headphones cranked up really loud. then play the entire album. the only thing even close is michael's other work with ufo, scorpions and msg (on and on from msg, best fadeout lead ever)

anyway keep up the great work

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