Simple Minds - Live in the City of Light (1987)(2003)

Simple Minds - Live in the City of Light (1987)(2003)

Simple Minds - Live in the City of Light was recorded at Le Zenith in Paris in August '86 and originally released in the spring of '87. It is a definitive live album of its era and for Simple Minds as a band. The Album is a superb snapshot of the 'minds' at their stadium filling best in the 80's, and 17 years on, the production and recording quality still sounds on the whole pretty good. There are no really weak tracks here but the inclusion of Oh Jungleland and a dubious medley of Love Song (a great live track in it's own right)\Sun City\Dance to the music now sounds a little out of place alongsidemore… other traditional 'minds' live classics which have lasted in their live set to the present day such as Waterfront, Alive and Kicking, Don't you forget about me and the sublime New Gold Dream, but as this was originally recorded 18 years ago we can forgive these inclusions, as creative ideas and outlook for the band will have changed a great deal in that time.Despite this Album being originally released 17 years ago, Live in the City of Light still stands up as a good live recording with versions of Ghost dancing, Big Sleep, Someone Somewhere in Summertime and New Gold Dream being my standout tracks. For me the weakest area of this album is Jim Kerr's vocals which are at times putting it kindly variable, particularly when the going gets tough and he has to push his voice. The vocals ending up more of a gruff shout at times, and it is for this reason why the album doesn't get the full 5 stars from me. Also the keyboards and percussion can at times come across as over indulgent and occasionally too dominant in the mix, perhaps an indication of the era and production techniques used at the time the album was recorded, and also the bands approach to their music at the time.In many ways it is a shame this remains their only official live album release to date as having witnessed their live performance recently on the Floating World tour, I am happy to report that they sound even better now than they do on this album. Live in the City of Light mainly includes tracks that attained chart success up to and including the excellent Once upon a time album, so no tracks from Street Fighting years, the superb Real Life or Good News from the Next World all of which were released subsequent to this Album. Truthfully Live in the City of Light is really one for the die hard fans, but if you are one and haven't yet heard or purchased this album, do so and Enjoy...Rainer Zuphall

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CD 1

01. Ghostdancing 7.22
02. Big Sleep 4.27
03. Waterfront 5.21
04. Promised You A Miracle 4.38
05. Someone Somewhere In Summertime 5.59
06. Oh Jungleland 6.35
07. Alive And Kicking 6.25

CD 2

01. Don't You Forget About Me 6.37
02. Once Upon A Time 6.06
03. Book Of Brilliant Things 4.53
04. East Of Easter 4.20
05. Sanctify Yourself 7.06
06. Love Song - Sun City - Dance To The Music 7.02
07. New Gold Dream 5.29

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Great live album!!! Thank You!!!