Pat Benatar - In the Heat of the Night (1979) (Remaster Edit 2006)

Pat Benatar - In the Heat of the Night (1979) (Remaster Edit 2006)

Pat Benatar has earned her right as a true diva! With a voice like that it just gives you chills! This album itroduced "Heartbreaker" which is one of her big hits! Yes this is a fine piece of work and is a must for any Pat Benatar fan!!!

With her debut recording In the Heat of the Night, Pat Benatar wasted no time starting out of the gate with the furious leadoff track "Heartbreaker," which solidified her place in a class of women who were taking the rock world by storm in the late '70s. In the Heat of the Night was an album that obviously had its share of filler, but the one-two punch of "Heartbreaker" and the John Cougar Mellencamp tune "I Need a Lover" leading off the album made enough of a statement to put her on the pop charts. The deflated three tracks following are easily forgettable, especially the sci-fi '50s ballad "My Clone Sleeps Alone," but the remainder of the album packs enough grit and solid songwriting (especially the Blondie-esque "So Sincere") that it remains an impressive debut and foreshadows a glimpse of great things to come...R. Theakston

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01 Heartbreaker 3:29
02 I Need a Lover 3:30
03 If You Think You Know How to Love Me 4:23
04 In the Heat of the Night 5:24
05 My Clone Sleeps Alone 3:29
06 We Live for Love 3:55
07 Rated X 3:17
08 Don't Let It Show 4:04
09 No You Don't 3:20
10 So Sincere 3:29


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