Birth Control - Hoodoo Man (1973) (Remaster Edit 2005)

Birth Control - Hoodoo Man (1973) (Remaster Edit 2005)

German band Birth Control seems to have had it's ups and downs, and this, their third album, is probably one of their ups. Some people surely will disagree though. This is hard prog with a jazzy touch, and their sense of humor shines through at times. A lot of the music reminds me a little of pre-heavy metal Deep Purple. This has their big song "Gamma Ray" which is considered a classic in Germany. Five bonus tracks, including the single version of said song in two parts. Not really what you would call Krautrock, but there's some good experimental jazzy prog here...Bob Hope

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01. Buy 7.13
02. Suicide 6.18
03. Get Down To Your Fate 7.58
04. Gamma Ray 9.46
05. Hoodoo Man 8.27
06. Kaulstoss 2.42
07. Nostalgia (Bonus Track) 3.37
08. Gamma Ray, Part 1 (Single Version) (Bonus Track) 3.29
09. Gamma Ray, Part 2 (Single Version) (Bonus Track) 3.53
10. Hope (Bonus Track) 5.53
11. She's Got Nothing On You (Bonus Track) 4.59

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