Redbone - Message From A Drum (1971) (Witch Queen Of New Orleans 1991)

Redbone - Message From A Drum (1971) (Witch Queen Of New Orleans 1991)

The third "Redbone" album contains their second hit: "The Witch Queen of New-Orleans". Another great song, maybe one of the best in the whole Rock History. But the album is much more then that. Wonderful guitar parts, swirling around, overwhelming, taking you far ("Emotions").
Listen, relisten and listen again…

Redbone was formed and led by Native American brothers Pat and Lolly Vegas, who, before they formed the group, were the writers of the song “Nicky Hoeky.” Redbone is best known for its two Top 40 hits: “The Witch Queen of New Orleans” reached No. 21 in 1972, and “Come And Get Your Love” reached No. 5 in 1974. Both of those hits had a swampy feel to them, as did much of the music on Redbone’s albums, especially Potlatch and Redbone, both from 1970. That swampy and slightly spooky feel holds true for much of Beaded Dreams Through Turquoise Eyes, especially the tracks “One More Time,” “Cookin' With D'Redbone” and the oddly titled “Moon When Four Eclipse.” There are a few tracks – “Suzi Girl,” “I’ll Never Stop Loving You” and the title track most notably – that seem to me like missteps, with swirling strings and unimaginative beats echoing the proto-disco hits that were becoming more and more prevalent in 1974.


Lolly Vegas: vocals, guitar, organ
Pat Vegas: vocals, bass, guitar, piano
Tony Bellamy: vocal, guitar, dobro
Pete DePoe: drums, percussion, backing vocals

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01. Message From A Drum 03:09
02. Niji Trance 03:28
03. The Sun Never Shines On The Lonely 02:33
04. Maxsplivitz 00:16
05. Emotions 04:10
06. Jerico 03:51
07. The Witch Queen Of New Orleans 02:46
08. When You Got Trouble 03:24
09. Perico 00:16
10. Fate 06:37
11. One Monkey 04:08
12. Chant: 13th Hour (Bonus) 05:38


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