The Troggs - From Nowhere (1966) (20-track Remaster 2003)

The Troggs - From Nowhere (1966) (20-track Remaster 2003)

Restored and Remastered by EROC at The Ranch

2003 reissue of the British Invasion act's 1st album. Includes 5 bonus tracks all recorded in Mono...

In its original incarnation, the Troggs' debut British LP was substantially different, and distinctly inferior to, their first American long-player (titled Wild Thing), although eight of the songs appear on both records. The tracks unique to the British edition were all covers: "Ride Your Pony" and the obscure "The Kitty Cat Song" (both taken from Lee Dorsey), "Louie Louie," and Chuck Berry's "Jaguar and Thunderbird." And none of them are so hot. "Wild Thing" was the highlight of the disc, and the rest of the set was a mixed bag, peaks being the primordial power of "From Home" and "I Just Sing," as well as "Jingle Jangle," the first of Reg Presley's tuneful ballads. The vaudevillian "Hi Hi Hazel," on the other hand, was a lowlight. The 2003 Repertoire reissue remedies a lot of the flaws of both the U.S. and U.K. editions of the debut album by putting all 15 tracks that appeared on one or the other on the same disc. That puts some of the better early Troggs tracks -- "Lost Girl," "With a Girl Like You," and "I Want You" -- back into the running order, making this quite an improvement on the original U.K. release. What's more, the Repertoire CD tacks on yet more songs that didn't appear on either the original U.K. From Nowhere or the U.S. Wild Thing from 1966-1967 singles, those being "The Yella in Me," the B-side of their first single; the classic hit "I Can't Control Myself"; its B-side, "Gonna Make You"; and the 1967 B-side "As I Ride By." All that said, however, all of the good tracks from this CD appear on the two-CD Archeology set, making this a necessity only for completists. If you are one of those completists, however, you'll appreciate the inclusion of "As I Ride By" (written and sung by drummer Ronnie Bond), which makes its first CD appearance here, even if it's only a so-so song. [The CD was also released with bonus tracks.]..R. Unterberger

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01 Wild Thing 2:36
02 The Yella in Me 2:40
03 I Just Sing 2:11
04 Hi Hi Hazel 2:45
05 Lost Girl 2:33
06 Jaguar and Thunderbird 2:03
07 Your Love 1:54
08 Our Love Will Still Be There 3:10
09 Jingle Jangle 2:28
10 When I'm With You 2:25
11 From Home 2:22
12 Louie, Louie 3:03
13 The Kitty Cat Song 2:13
14 Ride Your Pony 2:26
15 Evil 3:15
16 With a Girl Like You Bonus 2:07
17 I Want You Bonus 2:15
18 I Can't Control Myself Bonus 3:05
19 Gonna Make You Bonus 2:48
20 As I Ride By Bonus 2:02

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