Tito & Tarantula - Little Bitch (2000)

Tito & Tarantula - Little Bitch (2000) (2009)

2000 album on Cockroach Records from the Latin rockers best known for founding the seminal Los Angeles punk band the Plugz.

Imagine Velvet Underground, Rolling Stones, KISS & Bob Dylan put in a mexican blender. This is just too good to be true. It gets better and better after each time I listen to it. I'm hooked. Tito & Tarantula... unbelievable stuff...D. Jellinc

If you liked Tarantism then hopefully you also got Hungry Sally - both very, very good albums. And, if you liked Hungry Sally then you will probably like this as well...eventually. It took a while to grow on me. It is not as accessible an album as the other two or Andalucia, but the more I listen to it the more I get into it. Slow and funky and buzzsaw guitars. This band is very unique and has a great sound that apparently not everyone appreciates - don't understand why they are not bigger here in the US...S. Emeph


Tito Larriva - lead vocals, rhythm guitar (
Steven Hufsteter - lead guitar, backing vocals
Lucy LaLoca - bass, backing vocals
Rafael Gayol - drums

320 @


01 Everybody Needs 5:25
02 Forever Forgotten & Unforgiven 5:26
03 Crack in the World 3:28
04 Goodbye Sadie 4:42
05 Lady Don' T Leave 4:02
06 Lonely Sweet Marie 3:27
07 Crime & Shame 3:10
08 Bitch 3:08
09 World at My Feet 4:25
10 Super Vita Jane 3:38
11 Dead Person 3:59
12 Silent Train 4:29
13 Regresare 3:16

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