The Hollies - Hollies (1974) (20-track Digipack Remaster 2005)

The Hollies - Hollies (1974) (20-track Digipack Remaster 2005)

In retrospect this could be the best ever non-greatest hits Hollies CD. If it isn't it comes pretty close. This remastered addition adds great sound quality and bonus tracks. This CD was the first release of the recently reunited Hollies with Allan Clarke. Its obvious that both sides were energized and happy with the reunion. At this time the various members of the Hollies were writing separately. What they lacked in writing unity was offset by the great songs that Clarke brought back to the band including Curly Billy and Don't Let Me Down. Obviously, without the reunion these songs would have landed on an Allan Clarke solo release. Clearly, Clarke brought back to the band his "A-list" of material (this is also confirmed by the lack of strong Clarke originals on subsequent solo releases until the late 70's).
Listening to these songs today they all hold up very well. I was somewhat surprised at how fresh they sounded. Besides the previously mentioned Clarke orginals, I love "Falling, Calling", "Out on the Road", "Down on the Run" and "Its a Shame, its a Game". And then there is the huge hit, "The Air That I Breathe". Simply one of the most beautiful recordings ever by an band. The brilliance of this song I feel has lead to some under-appreciation of this entire CD. Give this CD another listen (especially in this new remastered version). Too often the success of Hollies singles has lead people to believe they didn't make fine albums. This one is a great example of that...J. Ohyde

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01 Falling Calling 03:16
02 I's A Shame, I'ts A Game 03:44
03 Don't Let Me Down 04:22
04 Out On The Road 02:58
05 The Air That I Breathe 04:14
06 Rubber Lucy 04:13
07 Transatlantic Westbound Jet 03:14
08 Pick Up The Pieces Again 04:00
09 Love Makes The World Go Round 03:48
10 The Day That Curly Billy Shot Down Crazy Sam McGee 04:27
11 Born A Man - (bonus) 02:59
12 No More Riders - (bonus) 02:58
13 Son Of A Rotten Gambler - (bonus) 04:07
14 Layin' To The Music - (bonus) 02:32
15 Out On The Road (1st version) - (bonus) 02:57
16 Mr. Heartbreaker - (bonus) 03:28
17 Slow Down - Go Down - (bonus) 03:53
18 Transatlantic Westbound Jet (1st version) - (bonus) 04:45
19 Mexico Gold - (bonus) 03:52
20 Tip Of The Iceberg - (bonus) 04:06
21 Down On The Run 03:52


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sam!!! & 2000mustangs for a fantastic period of the best of the 60's (hollies...) /bon

HytekFred said...

Since the Hollies admittedly owed a debt to the Everly Brothers, it was entirely a welcome surprise to see Phil Everly do arguably as great a job on "The Air that I breathe" as the Hollies did. It should have made the radio, never heard it until I stumbled across it on YouTube one day. Many thanks for this, I've been a Hollies fan since 1964 (and Everlys since 1959).