Rolling Stones - December's Children (1966) (Japan Mini LP 2006)

Rolling Stones - December's Children (1966) (Japan Mini LP 2006)

Before this 1966 blues-rock masterpiece, the Stones were the best of the many British bands living out their Muddy Waters dress-up fantasies. They continue giving new life to old songs, such as Arthur Alexander's soul tearjerker "You Better Move On" and the Nat King Cole standard "Route 66," but there are several exciting new developments. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger discover their songwriting talents, coming up with the enduring "Get Off My Cloud" and "As Tears Go By" as well as the underappreciated "I'm Free." And drummer Charlie Watts focuses the swing-jazz fills that have defined the Stones as much as the writing, voices, and guitars...S- Knopper

The last Stones album in which cover material accounted for 50 percent of the content was thrown together from a variety of singles, British LP tracks, outtakes, and a cut from an early 1964 U.K. EP. Haphazard assembly aside, much of it's great, including the huge hit "Get Off of My Cloud" and the controversial, string-laden acoustic ballad "As Tears Go By" (a Top Ten item in America). Raiding the R&B closet for the last time, they also offered a breathless run-through of Larry Williams' "She Said Yeah," a sultry Chuck Berry cover ("Talkin' About You"), and exciting live versions of "Route 66" and Hank Snow's "I'm Moving On." More importantly, Jagger-Richards' songwriting partnership had now developed to the extent that several non-A-side tracks were reasonably strong in their own right, such as "I'm Free" and "The Singer Not the Song." And the version of "You Better Move On" (which had been featured on a British EP at the beginning of 1964) was one of their best and most tender soul covers...R.Unterberger

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01 She Said Yeah 1:35
02 Talkin' About You 2:31
03 You Better Move On 2:40
04 Look What You've Done 2:16
05 The Singer Not the Song 2:23
06 Route 66 2:40
07 Get off of My Cloud 2:56
08 I'm Free 2:24
09 As Tears Go By 2:46
10 Gotta Get Away 2:07
11 Blue Turns to Grey 2:29
12 I'm Moving On 2:13


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