Scorpions - In Trance (1975) (Remaster Edit 2007)

Scorpions - In Trance (1975) (Remaster Edit 2007)

Out of print in the states. Japanese pressing of the Scorpions 3rd album from 1975 and featuring Uli John Roth. BMG.

The original version of the album cover clearly showed the cover model's bare breast hanging down towards the guitar. Later releases have the breast blacked out so that it is not visible. This is the first of many Scorpions album covers that have been censored.

The Scorpions' third release, In Trance, continues to display their high-energy music, which is impossible to ignore. With the eyebrow-lifting "Dark Lady" as the opening track, the album immediately captures the listener's attention and keeps it all the way until the end. The interesting title track is clearly the best song of the album, but singles such as the fast-paced "Robot Man" and the hard-rocking "Top of the Bill" also stand out as highlights. Excellent singing and powerful music make this the best Scorpions recording working with Uli Jon Roth...B. Weber

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01 Dark Lady 3:30
02 In Trance 4:47
03 Life's Like a River 3:54
04 Top of the Bill 3:26
05 Living and Dying 3:24
06 Robot Man 2:47
07 Evening Wind 5:06
08 Sun in My Hand 4:25
09 Longing for Fire 2:44
10 Night Lights - Instrumental 3:14


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