T. Rex - Hits (Remaster 2005)

T. Rex - Hits (Remaster 2005)

2005 collection on Crimson Productions featuring 20 tracksfrom 1970-1972. Includes 'Telegram Sam', 'Children Of TheRevolution', 'Teenage Dream', 'I Love To Boogie' and 'NewYork City'.

This compilation was my first introduction to Marc Bolan and T.Rex...As compilations go it is hard to fault it as it includes(nearly)all the classic singles and a selection of B-sides and album tracks. My only gripe is that it has ommited the superb 'Jeepster' but otherwise the track selection is faultess and a superb introduction to T.Rex's Glamtastic tunes. Highlights are the usual 'Get It On', '20th Century Boy' and 'Spaceball Ricochet'. If you are a new T.Rex fan or just curious than I can recommend this as a great introduction before digging out the rest of the Bolan legacy...J. Bridge

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01 Hot Love 4:59
02 Ride a White Swan 2:15
03 Get It On 4:26
04 Telegram Sam 3:45
05 Metal Guru 2:28
06 Chariot Choogle 2:45
07 Lady 2:13
08 Spaceball Ricochet 3:37
09 Children of the Revolution 2:29
10 Solid Gold Easy Action 2:21
11 Born to Boogie 2:06
12 20th Century Boy 3:40
13 The Groover 3:23
14 Truck On (Tyke) 3:07
15 Teenage Dream 4:58
16 Light of Love 3:14
17 Zip Gun Boogie 3:20
18 New York City 3:57
19 Laser Love 3:37
20 I Love to Boogie 2:16


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As always Thanks Sam & 2000mustangs! /bon

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thank you great job

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most excellent - thanks!

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I don't have this one, but I do have a different "Marc Bolan & T Rex Greatest Hits" cd. And yeah, it worked perfectly as an introduction, but I have my own custom-made "greatest hits" cd-r that I much prefer for road trips, etc.

Nice blog. I just discovered it today.

Anonymous said...

Two of the tracks (9 and 18)are corrupted. Could you repost? Thanks.