Peter Fox - Stadtaffe (2008)@320

Peter Fox - Stadtaffe (2008)

I find German difficult to listen to in any musical genre as I'm not a native or fluent speaker. The language sounds harsh to my ears. In spite of this, I do enjoy German music in limited doses. Rammstein anyone?
However this CD is classified, it is pleasingly lyrical. Because of this, I would get expect Peter Fox to gather many international fans.
Somewhere in the world (I will let you, the reader, discover where) this CD genre is listed as reggae. I would not classify this music as such since it does a disservice to both reggae and Peter Fox and may either disappoint or turn people off to listening. I also find referring to this CD as dance music as trivializing. This CD is not "boom-sha-ca-la-ca" or "bump and grind" American MTV tripe. However, it does make you want to move!
If you have a chance to view Peter Fox's video of "schwarz zu blau" (a title on this CD) - it will be clear the intent is neither classically reggae nor dance music. This video is currently played on German MTV and the CD (Stadtaffe) is currently #2 in our local German large electronics retail store...J. Pand

Fantastic album! Every song is good - a rarity nowadays... I heard "Alles Neu" first in October when travelling thru amsterdam. I hunted it down when I got back to the states and EVERYONE who has heard it loves it. My husband immediately stole my copy. Strangers have asked my husband when he is stopped at traffic lights what it is he is listening to. I speak no german, but the translated lyrics I have read have impressed me as well. Witty with a viral beat, and a respectful nod to real music (que the strings!) - you will not be able to get this album out of your head. I fully expect it to catch fire on a global level...Heather Kippa

Peter Fox is an awesome artist. The melodies, rhythms and production of are top notch. I speak German and so can appreciate the lyrics (more or less as I'm not fluent). He has a great sound. If the best songs were played at a club in the U.S., the dancefloor would be full. An A+ effort from the underappreciated German music scene...R. G. Shaw

320 @
92 MB
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Reggae


01 Alles Neu (4:18)
02 Schwarz Zu Blau (3:35)
03 Haus Am See (3:36)
04 Kopf Verloren (3:21)
05 Das Zweite Gesicht (3:53)
06 Der Letzte Tag (3:42)
07 Ich Steine, Du Steine (3:16)
08 Lok Auf 2 Beinen (3:44)
09 Stadtaffe (3:39)
10 Fieber (Feat. K.I.Z.) (3:32)
11 Schuttel Deinen Speck (2:51)
12 Zucker (Feat. Vanessa Mason) (3:13)
13 Shostakovitchovitch (Instr.) (7:49)
14 Saint Tropez (Instr.) (3:35)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, a great album. PETER FOX is a project by one of the singers (Pierre Baigorry) of the very successful (in many countries) German reggae band SEEED. So that is why some may file PETER FOX under reggae, which is definitely wrong. I am German, and I appreciate the lyrics. They all are about Berlin and describe that town in a realistic way with a lot of love for this town - listen to it, try to understand it, and visit Berlin, the best town in the world ;-).